Monday, May 21, 2007


Twenty-some years ago, this guy I was dating went on vacation. He was a nice guy; we had fun together and I liked him a lot. It just so "happened" (or so my husband continues to claim) that one of my softball pals, (Tony, still my softball pal) asked me to go to the Grant Park jazz concert with him that weekend.

Well, sure, I'm always up for a concert with a pal. Before the night was over, it was clear that Tony was destined to be more than a softball pal, and I was forced to tell my boyfriend that it was over. It broke my heart when he said, "This happened to me the LAST time I went on vacation." (That'll teach you to got on vacation without your girlfriend! Tom, if you are reading this, which I sincerely doubt, I still feel bad about this.)

Not to trivialize my long-ago relationship, but I feel a little bit the same way now. The girlfriend-thieving Tony, Alison, Eli and I flew to Madrid on Thursday for a long weekend to visit Caitlin (more on that in another post), and I come back to find that one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Snark, has retired. Miss Snark is an anonymous NYC literary agent, and hers was one of the wittiest, most informative blogs about the business of writing that I've ever encountered. She had over 2.5 million hits over 2 years. Her archives are still available and worth perusing if you're interested.

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