Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Alison finished her semester at Macalester and flew into Geneva yesterday. Hooray! It's so nice to have her around, at least for a little while. She'll be flying back to St. Paul June 1 to begin her summer jobs with the Mac alumni association and at the St. Paul Borders (Lu, do you ever shop there? Maybe you'll meet her!). What a great college job, huh. Unfortunately I don't have much time to shepherd her around this week because I'm desperately trying to finish my Antarctic Scientists book. Oof. In the meantime, all of us will fly to Madrid to visit Caitlin next weekend. All of us together again, after so long. I can't wait.


Speak(er) said...

I'm back - spent the week-end with Ben and Cara - one college grad, one to go. Congrats on all being together again. How many places have each of your family members been in in the last year?

Yes, we do shop at Borders - tell Alison to look for the non-descriptive, 40-ish woman dressed most likely in sweats, and attached to a beautiful beast named Belle - who loves bookstores.

slatta said...

Did Ben graduate, then? Congratulations to him! What's he doing next?

With the exception of being attached to a beautiful beast named Belle, you could have been describing me--non-descriptive, 40-ish woman most likely dressed in sweats.

Alison loves animals, so if you see her you'll have to warn her about the no-petting rule.

slatta said...

Oops, forgot to answer your question. Since January:

Alison: Galapagos Islands, St. Paul & now Geneva
Caitlin: Madrid, and on excursions to her family's vacation home (also somewhere in Spain).
Tony, Eli & me: Geneva (With short excursions to Istanbul, Paris, and other places nearby.)