Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I hope my teenage son doesn't see this, even though it looks like lots of fun. Good soundtrack, too. But I do wonder how the high-fiving guy broke his arm.


Speak(er) said...

I just hope their insurance agent doesn't see this! This is what happens when kids learn physics. :)

Sara Latta said...

I think EVERYBODY has seen this video by now. Maybe they should show this video in physics classes for the benefit of those kids who say, "Oh, man, when will I ever use this stuff in real life?"

Dude, you will NEED it to build an awesome waterslide.

Patbrace said...

My son built a potato launcher in Physics class. When we told him, on his last visit, that it was destined for the junk heap (the back end blew off at its last firing) he protested, tongue in cheek: "We need this! What if the terrorists attack? How will we defend ourselves?"

What do girls do who take Physics? Sara?

Sara Latta said...

Same thing? I don't know! I only took physics because I had to. It was only when I started DATING a physicist that I thought it was interesting.

Sara Latta said...

I just realized how stereotypical that comment must sound--Oh, it wasn't interesting to me until I found out that it was my boyfriend's (now husband's) thing.

But it was really more a case of finding out that there was more to physics than the simple Newtonian stuff I learned about in high school and college. Which, of course, is what these guys used in building their water slide. Or at least, I hope they did some calculations!