Sunday, September 30, 2007


I like the new template, what do you think? I have long felt that the old template was too in-your-face, the typeface too big, even though I liked the informal look.

I went for a fabulous run in lovely Allerton Park this morning with my running pal caraf and this caught my eye:

There was something about the vulnerability of that little sock--pinker than it appears in this picture--that made me stop and whip out my camera. (Yeah, that's the kind of serious runner I am.)

I picked it up in the hopes that we'd encounter its uni-socked owner, in Mom or Dad's backpack ahead of us on the trail, busily removing the other sock. No dice. So now I have a lonely pink baby sock in my Prius, and I can't bring myself to throw it away.

One last image. Just as I was writing about the pink sock, I spotted a red-tailed hawk (I think) in our backyard. Here it is:

I do hope red-tailed hawks don't eat koi. I've heard horror stories about herons discovering backyard ponds. It's welcome to my rabbits, though.


Patbrace said...

Love the new look!

Sara Latta said...

Hey, Pat, thanks; glad you like it! I was beginning to think that my blog had been sucked into a black hole and no one was able to see it anymore.

Speak(er) said...

Cool pictures! I know just what you mean about the lone pink sock. I feel the same way when I come across a Nuker (sp?:). I wonder if the little one that lost it is now inconsolable (and their parent frantic) over the loss of their suck'm soothie.

ps. If the RTH doesn't get your koi, watch out for the raccoons!