Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm a geek?! Oh.

It never occurs to me that I have geeky tastes until someone else points them out to me. So, for example, Alison and I were both happy to find that the SciFi Channel was running an X-files marathon on Friday while she was lying in a hospital bed and I was not getting any revision work on my Antarctic book done. And she said that her friends think she's incredibly geeky because she has the complete X-Files series on DVD. Well, that's a whole bunch of fun if you ask me.

And then I read that Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, puts little labels on the spines of the books in his home library with Library of Congress numbers and he keeps them all in LOC order. Now, he acknowledges that's "unbelieveably geeky," and maybe it is, but if you ask me it's just brilliant and I may have to do that myself, because our shelving system has gone all to hell lately and Alison had to tell me where our copy of Moby Dick was.

Need I tell you I'm intrigued by Amazon's new electronic book reader, the Kindle? Toni Morrison loves it! So does Neil Gaiman!

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