Saturday, December 15, 2007

Generation gap

My son Eli (14) and I went to see I am Legend this afternoon. I'm not here to review the movie, although I'll say Will Smith and his dog are ++++ and the zombies are meh.

Throughout the movie you hear Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds." That's the one that goes, "Don't worry/'Bout a thing/Cause every little thing's/Gonna be all right." At some point he tries to explain why Marley is Great to the first non-infected human being (Alice Braga) he's encountered in over 3 years. She says, "Damien?" (Marley's son, of course. And all of a sudden you really begin to appreciate the age difference between the two characters.)

So after the movie I think to educate Eli about Marley. He says, "Oh, yeah, that was that "Don't worry, be happy," song, right?

Um, no. Bobby McFerrin has considerable talent, but he's no Marley. And they're not the same. Not at all.

Try playing both songs, back to back, to appreciate the difference. Even Eli, in his oblique way, acknowledged that there might be some differences between the songs. And Eli HATES to admit that he's wrong.


Jennifer said...

But back to the movie. . .are you saying that I *should* or *should not* go to see it in the theater?

Sara Latta said...

Yes! Go see it! If only for Will Smith and his dog. Oh, and one other funny thing my son said. There's this scene with Will Smith doing pullups in his apartment, and Eli said that there must be some clause in all of his movie contracts that require him to appear without a shirt. Well, he does look GOOD!