Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got your ice cold Nugrape

One of the benefits of being forced to use my slow and sometimes cranky old iBook is that its iTunes has some music I'd forgotten about. Like this gem from the Nugrape Twins, available on Open Source Audio: I got your ice cold Nugrape. [Note: does anyone know how I can just upload a song from my iTunes here?]

Recorded in 1926 by the Nugrape Twins, it was probably an advertising jingle for Nugrape pop, popular in the South. But what a jingle, with lyrics like these: "What's that makes your lips go flippity-floppa/When you drink a Nugrape you don't know when to stop./I got your ice cold Nugrape."

I discovered this gold nugget, by the way, courtesy of the fantastic Oxford American's 2006 music issue. I've made a point of buying the past three music issues; they're generally filled with overlooked/little known musical treasures. All having some connection to the South, of course. Sometimes I think I'm a Southerner at heart.

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