Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Conspiracy theories

A visit to a tattoo parlor can be a bit of an eye-opener if you don't happen to frequent that sort of place often. As my sister and I found out yesterday. My sister's tattoo artist turned out to be pretty chatty, after an initial semi-surly period. (Perhaps he was just shy.)

"Are you allergic to latex?" he asked, donning his latex gloves.

No, she was not. Good, he said, and went on to explain that he and his high school girlfriend found out, the hard way, that she was allergic to the stuff.

Well, okey-dokey, then. And so the conversation went. The fact that we have daughters in college came up, which led us to Northern Illinois. Now, I haven't written anything about Northern Illinois because...what could I say, other than to add to the chorus of whys resonating across the blogosphere.

But apparently that week's spate of awful school killings--add the shootings in Louisiana, Tennessee and California to the NIU massacre, not to mention the shootings at the Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park and probably a mess of other gun-related tragedies--have spawned an interesting conspiracy theory. According to tattoo artist, it was all a set-up. I'm not sure I followed what passes for logic in his argument, but I think it went something like this. There is pending conceal-carry gun legislation, and those sissy gun-control people don't want that it to pass. So they arranged, somehow, to put guns into the hand of this kid with a serious mental illness (did they make him go off his meds, too?) so that the conceal-carry legislation would fail.

Evidence? Well, the campus police responded within 5 minutes! Unheard of! (That emergency response plan they'd been developing and fine-tuning since Virginia Tech was just for fun.) And, get this--there were more doctors than usual working at the ER that day!

All we need is to have a whole nation full of people like this walking around with guns stuck into their jeans. The man made a pretty snowflake, though.

I hope the title of this post doesn't bring up nut cases hoping to find support for their pet conspiracy theory.

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