Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super-duper Wednesday

Why is it super-duper? Well, there's the obvious, of course; it now appears that Obama not only won more states than Clinton but also has more delegates. So that makes me very happy.

But from the perspective of this election judge, yesterday's primary has left me with a real feeling of hope and faith in the electorate. It felt more like a general election than a primary; none of us had any time to read or do soduku puzzles or crochet; lunch was snatched in 30-second intervals. The precinct (CC38) with which we shared a polling place always, and I mean ALWAYS, had a line. Sometimes very long. (Our precinct, CC33, was one-third the size of the other one.) And this despite the fact that there was pouring rain for much of the day that left many of the roads flooded.

Some numbers for our two precincts:

Turnout of registered voters:
41% (CC33), 45% (CC38)

74% (CC33); 76% (CC38)
25% (CC33); 23% (CC38)

39% (CC33); 44% (CC38)
30% (CC33); 39% (CC38)

Best comment from a voter in response to my standard, "Hi. Would you like a Democratic, Republican, Green, or Nonpartisan ballot?"

"Democrat! I'm here to make history!"

Most puzzling comment to that same question (by a woman with her daughter, both obviously very excited):

"I don't know, I've never voted before! I don't know who any of the candidates are. Oh, I guess I'll go with Republican." (Daughter, like the baby kangaroo, said, "Me too.")

And, with apologies to John Mayer, we're not waiting on the world to change. We're MAKING change happen, every time we vote.

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gigi said...

Good work Sara!

Super Duper Tuesday happened in Piatt County too! PC has a 6 to 1 Republican to Democrat ratio! Daunting indeed!

On Tuesday, 1970 voters asked for a Democratic ballot compared to only 2115 Republicans. Think about it--we're catching up in the reddest of red parts of the state.

Yes We Can!

Sara Latta said...

Thanks, gigi! When Piatt County trends blue we know something is going on.