Sunday, April 29, 2007

The organ grinder of Geneva

I love this guy and his cats (there's one, sleeping on a tray to the side, that's a little harder to see.) He works the streets in downtown Geneva nearly every weekend. He was kind enough to stop for me so that I could take this little video.

Note the cats' complete nonchalance, as well as the many people who hurried by without even a second glance. Not all of them, but a lot. And those white, skinny faceless mannekins in the window display in the background.

I should see if he speaks English. I bet he has some interesting stories to tell!


Patbrace said...

Nice cats, Sara, but, well, the cats don't do anything! Today I went to a performance of the Moscow Cat Theatre, which is, essentially, a cat circus. Cats doing tricks. Is that a non-sequitur or what? Cats. Doing Tricks. Lying on their backs spinning balls; jumping through hoops; climbing up poles and then climbing back down; walking tightropes; riding on remote controlled cars. Just the concept of a cat doing what it is told to do is mind boggling. Plus, they were really cute cats.

slatta said...

Now THAT would be amazing to see. Never underestimate the Russians.

Speak(er) said...

...or really good tuna as a reward for doing what they're told!