Friday, August 17, 2007

Braided hair

Two posts on a Friday night, and that tells you something about my social life. But I did make it out this evening to hear a great alternative bluegrass group called The Greencards, part of Krannert's OUTSIDE at the Research Park Concert series, which is, as noted previously, an oddly wonderful venue for such music.

But, as with the previous post, I digress. I really want to share this video, "Braided Hair," by One Giant Leap:

I "discovered" this song (much in the same way that Columbus discovered North America, right?) when I was in Geneva and took advantage of the free download of the Independent Spirit Music Award winners from eMusic. And although I'm not usually a fan of hip-hop, I liked this song a lot. I hadn't realized it was part of a larger project, worth looking into, I think.

Thanks to Endicott Studio for the Mythic Arts for the link.

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Speak(er) said...

I like it! I wonder if Coke will use it as a sequel to its' "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." commercial.