Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January madness

I'm not a cold weather person. I'm usually ready for spring around, oh, December 22. More so than usual today, when we awoke to find that our boiler (yes, we have steam heat) was overflowing and consequently not working. I think the temperature last night was something like 12 degrees, and the high today is supposed to be in the 20s. So, cold. The heating repairman has been working on the boiler for over six hours now. It's a chilly but bearable 65 degrees in the dining room where I'm working. The fingerless gloves help.

Seed catalog people understand people like me, which is why they send out their garden porn in January. I ordered some seeds from Renee's Garden . They arrived yesterday, and it was only then that I understood that I might have gone a little overboard.

So, for you Champaign-Urbana area readers, I'm likely to have way more tomato and pepper seedlings than I can plant--which means you can have some, as well as seeds that you can plant outdoors.
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PJ Hoover said...

So cold it makes me shiver down here in Texas!

Speak(er) said...

What - you didn't bail for the new library?

I hope your boiler is back to bubbling merrily away.

Sara Latta said...

I would have gone to the library, Lu, but I thought I needed to stick around as long as the repair guy was here.

And yes, it's steaming away--but it took him all day to fix it.

Oh, the joys of an old house.

Sminthia said...

Pfff. You want cold? How does 15 below sound?

And that's Fahrenheit.

With no central heat.

I must admit I appropriated my dear son, Sminthetto's fingerless gloves to get some writing done. Unfortunately, the fingerlessness allowed for splinters when I stoked the wood stove.

You could play some pity music for me on your violin, but I might just take it from you to feed the eternally hungry stove.

Sminthia said...

I just noticed this random book from your library:

What Happens in Winter? (I Like the Seasons!) by Sara L. Latta

I like the seasons, except winter? Care to explain?

Sara Latta said...

sminthia, -15 F with no central heat? Remind me, where the heck are you? That's just plain crazy. I would play the pity music for you on the world's tiniest violin, but I actually just used it up in the latest scene in my book. No kidding. Do you want some seedlings? Seeds?

As for the "I like the seasons" series, my publisher wouldn't go for "I like the seasons, EXCEPT for winter, which SUCKS!" series title. So there you go.

Sara Latta said...

Oh, yeah, Sminthia, I remembered, you're in Wisconsin. Sorry. I think you should have central heat, though. I don't want those splinters in your fingers to interfere with your writing.

It's always good to have the perspective of someone who can legitimately say, "suck it up, wimp!"

so, thanks.