Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ain't the internets great!?

Well, yes, they are. Sometimes the internets are pretty great, in fact. Case in point: I got to know Lu, aka Speaker, service dog trainer extraordinaire and terrific Mom, via my running buddy caraf. I'd met Lu, briefly, and not in any really meaningful way, at a local race years ago. But we really only got to know each other through reading each other's blogs.

This past week, Lu came to CU to visit her son, a student at the U.I. She took some time to see Gracie and me as well. My internet friend became my face to face friend in no time. Thanks, Lu.

This may be the final entry in my blog until the first or second week in November. Until then, I'm going to be focusing on my finishing my volcano scientists book. But I'm going to meet Tony in Rome for his 50th birthday the weekend of Nov. 9, and then after that I may have a body modification (no! Not plastic surgery!) to report... And that's all I'm going to say.


Speak(er) said...

Thank-you, Sara! What a treat to go for a walk with you and Gracie.

Good luck with the volcano book. I hope the words simply flow out of you - the paragraphs and chapters erupting and spewing themselves out on to the screen. The pounding of your fingers on the keys creating a tremor through the house. If you didn't have blisters on your fingers yet, you sure picked a hot enough topic to get some now!

Sorry - enough of the bad puns. Have a great time in Rome. If any one gets funny with you on the busses there, just use those elbows like they teach you at marathon school. Don't be afraid to aim low.

Sara Latta said...

You're too funny, Lu.