Monday, October 8, 2007

Think pink

If you have been inside a grocery store this month, you are probably aware the October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Now, I think that breast cancer awareness is a good thing, I really do. And while I do like the pink M&Ms...

...this just seems wrong:

Yes, that's 10 pink boxes of hamburger helper for $10! And one of the risk factors for breast cancer would be...a high fat diet.

I'm becoming tired of pink. The Pink for the Cure campaign not only trivializes an important issue, but it ties it into foods of dubious nutritional value.


Speak(er) said...

My sister will be sad! Her job entails developing recipes for such GM products. If you ever need a source for food related microbial nightmares - she's a pro!

Sara Latta said...

Sorry! Don't tell your sister I said that.

I can imagine the stories she could tell! My second book was called Food Poisoning and Foodborne Diseases. My kids hated it when I told them at dinnertime what I'd learned researching and writing the book. And to this day my daughters won't eat unbaked cookie dough. Poor dears.